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You're working hard to reach your professional goals but the road to a physician career is filled with obstacles. Are you a premedical student hoping to become a doctor? Are you a medical student interested in matching with a competitive specialty or residency program? Are you a resident seeking a coveted fellowshp position?

Consider the following:

  Approximately 8% of applicants with undergraduate GPAs and total MCAT scores of at least 3.8 and 39, respectively, fail to gain admission to medical school.

•  In the 2012 NRMP Match, over 40% of all U.S. senior applicants failed to match at their top choice residency program.

•  In the most competitive fellowship programs, such as transplant surgery and gynecologic oncology, over 40% of fellowship applicants fail to match. Among those who do match to competitive specialties, such as cardiology, only 35% or so match with their first-choice program.

At The Successful Match, we have the expertise to help you overcome these challenges. Thousands of medical school, residency, and fellowship applicants have used our consulting services and books to land prestigious positions. Select your area of interest below.

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